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Philips Executive Desktop 725D

Philips Executive Desktop 725D

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Philips Executive Desktop 725D

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The Philips Dictation System 725 has been designed with one sole objective in mind: to make the tasks of dictation and transcription as convenient as possible for the user. The 725 can be used for both dictation and transcription. Handheld Microphone 276 for dictation is included with the 725D. Earphones and foot control for transcription are optional accessories. The system has an LCD display giving you all the information you need about the system at any time during dictation and transcription.

Philips Executive Desktop 725D Key Features

Included Accessories
  • Power Supply 155
  • Handheld Microphone 276
  • Telephone Adapter
Mini Cassette Transcriber / Recorder
Philips Executive Desktop 725D offers helpful functions like Automatic Backspace Play for professional transcription. Transcription headsets and a foot contriol are optional accessories with the 725D. The Desktop 725 also features recording functions as well as transcription. Handheld Microphone 276 for dictation is included with the 725D. Mini Cassettes are the only media designed specially for the constant stop/start demands of dictation, giving you greater lifelong reliability, security and control in a miniature format. Recording begins instantly with your touch or the sound of your voice so there is no word clipping. And because Mini Cassettes have no "pinch wheel" (unlike other cassettes) there is no risk of tape tangle or distortion.
Built-in Telephone Recording
Record important telephone conversations with the Desktop 725's built-in Telephone Recording ability and included telephone adapter.
Auto Rewind
Especially for transcription, when autorewind is enabled, the Executive Desktop 725 and 725 automatically rewind the cassette to the beginning as soon as it is inserted. The rewind arrows in the LCD display show you that the tape is being rewound. The autorewind switch can be set to OFF if you do not wish to take advantage of this feature.
LCD Tape Counter
LCD Tape Counter shows the information stored on the cassette.
Search Forward and Skip Functions
Pressing the SEARCH key once causes the tape to be wound automatically to the next index marking from the current position. Press the SEARCH key multiple times to skip ahead. For example press the SEARCH key 3 times to skip automatically to the third index marking from the current position.
Turbo Wind
Get fast access to any part of the tape with Turbo Wind. Fast forward or rewind at 20x playback speed.
Audible Scan
Monitor fast forward and rewind with Audible Scan. As the tape winds you can hear it played back at speed, helping you to locate a specific piece of dictation.
Fast Erase
Once you have finished transcribing a tape, you can erase it so that it is ready to take further dictation. Depending where you are on the tape, the fast erase function can be used in either direction: forwards or backwards. The erase function continues until either the beginning of tape is reached or another function is selected.
Volume, Tone and Speed Controls
Get optimum transcription playback quality with volume, tone and speed controls.
Automatic Switch-Off
Automatic Switch-Off avoids unintentional operation.
Record Protection
You can protect valuable dictation from being recorded over by breaking the small tab at the front of the cassette.
2-Level Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity
2-level adjustable microphone sensitivity for conference or close range recording.
Auto Backspace Play
Automatically replays the last part of the dictation whenever the user stops and then resumes transcribing. The operator can adjust how much to rewind so tape resumes at the most desirable point prior to where it stopped.
End-of-Letter, Priority and Special Instruction Index Tones
When you are finished and do not want to make any further changes to a dictation, press the LP/Index key on the mic once to mark the current dictation as finished. Pressing the LP/Index key on the mic twice within about 1/2-second sets a Priority Index to mark the current dictation as especially urgent. Set a special index to mark special instructions or urgent messages for your secretary by pressing the S index key on the microphone once.

Philips Executive Desktop 725D Specifications

Acoustic Frequency Response:
200 - 6,000 Hz
Output Power:
> 600 mW
  • Earphones socket
  • Foot Control socket
  • Microphone socket
  • Power Supply socket
Dimensions (H x W x D):
5.3" x 9.1" 2.0" (135 x 232 x 50mm)
2 lbs. 8.6 oz. (1150g)

Philips Executive Desktop 725D

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